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Céline Bondard is an attorney at the Paris and the New York Bars. She has practiced in large law firms in the United States, first in Washington D.C. at Kaye Scholer LLP, then in New York at Mayer Brown LLP. Operating internationally, Bondard law firm's practice is bilingual (English and French).

Bondard specializes in Intellectual property & business law. In her firm, Ms. Bondard provides legal and strategic advice, drafts contracts, and handles negotiations and litigation in the fields of intellectual property and business law, as well as technology law, e-commerce and media matters.

As a lawyer with a cross-border experience, Ms. Bondard advises creators, entrepreneurs as well as large corporations on the development of their business, creation of their companies, on their expansion domestically and internationally, as well as on their strategy for managing their intellectual property assets. She has also acquired significant experience in negotiating and drafting contracts involving the transfer of intellectual property rights (assignments, licensing, distribution, franchises).

Conseil Bondard teaches Intellectual Property at HEC - Master Entrepreneurs, as well as at Sciences-Po Paris, School of Communication. As part of its humanitarian activities as an attorney, Ms. Bondard co-chairs the Pro Bono Committee for the Paris Bar, whose objective is to highlight and develop the humanitarian activities undertaken by lawyers. Lastly, she is the co-founder and President of the French-American Bar Association (Paris & New York), of which she is currently the President in Paris.



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