The Cabinet Bondard, founder of the Lawyers At Work (L.A.W.) network, as well as the attorneys belonging to the network (hereinafter referred to as « L.A.W.yers ») sign the Code of Conduct herein that defines the arrangements governing the relations with the clients as well as within the network.

The Cabinet Bondard and Partners hereby undertakes to:

  • Select attorneys with a high level of expertise in their respective fields, and select the most competent attorneys to represent the client on each case;
  • Maintain within the network high-quality services and a wide range of practice areas to ensure high-level expertise;
  • Assign any attorney according the client’s needs and wishes in order to handle and/or finalize all cases and matters;
  • Establish a fee policy hand in hand with the client without any unnecessary costs or extra invoices so as to enable the client to focus on the legal matters;
  • Keep the client up to date upon request and produce in due time any item or piece of information in order to enable the client to make informed decisions.

Our L.A.W.yers hereby undertake to:

  • Acknowledge that the law firm Bondard and Partners manages the L.A.W. network in its entirety; defines its rules unilaterally, choses what attorneys should join or be excluded from the network for any reason whatsoever;
  • Accept that a L.A.W.yer will be excluded from the L.A.W. network immediately if one undertakes to accept a L.A.W. project without going through the law firm Bondard and Partners, which insures the highest standard of accomplishment for any of the L.A.W. network project;
  • Perform due diligence on cases entrusted to them and not delegate them to an associate, an intern or any third party;
  • Accept only projects that correspond to their area of expertise;
  • Fully complete the project entrusted to them by L.A.W. clients;
  • Uphold the principles of loyalty and confidentiality regarding any information communicated by the L.A.W. clients;
  • Be tactful, temperate and well-mannered with the L.A.W. clients and with fellow L.A.W.yers;
  • Inform the L.A.W. network without delay of any possible conflict of interest regarding any project the L.A.W. network could provide them with;
  • Respect the fact that the law firm Bondard and Partners selects L.A.W.yers according to criteria entirely determined by the firm such as experience, expertise and availability.


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