Intellectual Property & Business Law 


The Bondard Practice was born from the desire to offer a complete and personalized service to entrepreneurs, creators and business leaders, protecting intellectual property rights, in France and abroad.

In the context of cases that call for various and / or crossborder expertise, Counsel Bondard relies on a network of legal experts in the following areas: finance, employment law, public law and tax law.

The firm has from the start developped skills around intellectual property matters, and has also developed expertise in the areas of Internet law, new technologies and corporate law, in order to support artists, creators, entrepreneurs, private companies and public entities in the development of their projects.

Clients of the firm include individuals such as writers, artists, painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, illustrators, engineers, etc. ..

The firm also focuses on entrepreneurs and creators, accompanying them for the duration of their project, from the idea, to the marketing phase of their products or services, to the value of their intangible contributions and the creation of their company. 

The firm also acts for companies, in cases that involve corporate law and commercial law (licensing, distribution, franchising, management of the companies daily legal issues). 



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