Pro Bono  

The practice dedicates part of its time and resources to humanitarian actions, which is referred to as “pro bono”. Dedicating part of our time and resources to humanitarian actions affirms that all our activities are guided by our sense of  duty and humanity. 



What is pro bono ?

“Pro bono” is a Latin phrase meaning “for the public good”, and its definition is subject to much debate, particularly with regard to the difference between volunteering your services and legal or judicial aid. While opinions vary in this area, there is a consensus that it refers to a situation in which a lawyer provides free legal services to those who have little or no financial resources.

Pro bono differs from legal aid in that the latter is primarily intended for individuals. Pro bono on the other hand refers to any form of practical assistance given to associations. Pro bono is practiced in areas as diverse as micro-finance, the environment, children’s rights, climate-change refugees, etc.

Pro Bono Committee

Today, Counsel Bondard is very involved in the Paris Bar, co-chairing the Pro Bono Committee alongside Counsel Martine Phalippou and Counsel Félicité Zeifman. Established in January 2012 by Christiane Féral-Schuhl, President of the Bar, this open committee’s objective is to highlight the various opportunities available to volunteer lawyers, and to provide associations with legal support.


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